by The Lost Broadcast

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released December 12, 2011

The Lost Broadcast is Lauri Elango and Antti Loponen
with Mathias-Erik Tempel

* music written, performed and recorded by The Lost Broadcast
* mixed and mastered by Antti Loponen
* vocals, lyrics and artwork by Mathias-Erik Tempel
* photography from Alex Cherry and NASA



all rights reserved


The Lost Broadcast Tallinn, Estonia

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Track Name: Parallel Reality
Evolutionary shortcut, a lift from far beyond.
Our kind was born to dream with impatience for tomorrow.
Credit yourself by being a mastermind of a tragedy,
so rest assured, the boundaries are breaking.

Working it out, showing progress, it’s just the way we are.
There is no doubt, the change is coming,
the new regime is about to set in.

Under attack, the times are changing,
the human race is defining itself.
With minds degrading, we’re all waiting
for the answers, for the outcome.

Drawing images in the sky, a foreign approach,
something different, will you make a stand?
Spinning around it’s axis, portrayal of an act
unknown to mankind, the parallel reality.

Reaching out for more, questioning my sanity,
a new kind of world.
No more turning back, I’m facing my reality.
Freedom was my past, all the memories will pass.
Track Name: Rebuild
Deliver this message to the following generations –
we were never free, and all that we did was forced
by blind, self-centered, materialistic leadership.
As I seek for shelter in these abandoned streets,
I can’t help but wonder – what will this earth become?

Been pushed, been pulled, been put on a plate of gold.
Been pushed, been pulled, been washed in the rain of blood.
New world, new king, another hand to pull the strings.
Believe in war and one day you will fall apart.

When will we rise? I’m counting on you.
Protect our lives and the one’s around you.
Cast the spell and make the people follow,
between the ruins we have to rebuild ourselves.

My father taught me – do everything with good intentions,
trust yourself and no one else, always spread the awareness.
Where has my life come to? My people was cornered by
selfishness, so the outcome has a self-destructive nature.
We’re tired of walking in circles, like it’s the only way...

What will this earth become if we stay in war
Been pushed, been pulled through life like nothing.
Preparing ourselves for the loss of our humane characteristics.
The faith lives on...lives on.
Track Name: Reflection
My reflection displays my pain
for thousand lies I can’t retrain.
If we're alive, give this nation a sign
that change will prevail and remain

Gain back the power!
Let your voice be heard!

This is our rise, we’re coming back alive.
Embrace your difference and take pride.
As sincerity brings out our strength and belief
which will never deceive, when hatred fails itself.

The truth and lies stripped down before our eyes,
this day and age – so solid, yet frail,
became our surface while no one could see
the reality, the blame. Who will fight for my name?

For all these years we’ve been running down this road.
It’s time to ask ourselves - what does it mean to feel truly alive?
Is it too much pressure to stay honest with ourselves?
What do we keep running from? The truth?
Well, I know that I was.